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RYAN PHELPS Institute of Advanced Musical Studies

Teaching Philosophy

Ryan Phelps

Ryan Phelps

At the Ryan Phelps Institute of Advanced Musical Studies we see that the education we provide is not just piano lessons, but lessons that teach a student how to develop critical thinking skills, and an ability to self teach, which is a key component in a balanced classical education.  Western classical education has three phases, each coordinating with the stages of human development:

  1. "Primary education" teaches students how to learn.

  2. "Secondary education" then teaches a conceptual framework that can hold all human knowledge (history), fills in basic facts and practices of major fields of knowledge, and develops the fundamental skills (perhaps in a simplified form) of every major human activity.

  3. "Tertiary education" then prepares a person to pursue an educated profession such as law, medicine, science, information technology, music, or education.

We aim to provide this approach of high quality lessons  to all all students who study with us, the student need not be advanced, as we train everyone from beginners to professionals, it is our approach and dedication to detail that is advanced. Private high level music instruction allows us to interact with the student in a forum that co-ordinates a very challenging curriculum catered to each individual student's development, and allows us to explore the potential of students in each of the three phases of learning.  Students learn to not shy away from hard work, the understanding of self-discipline, and what it means to pursue and accomplish goals which they set for themselves. We strive to give our students the tools they will need to successfully pursue post secondary education, and become leading professionals of the future.




“The medium through which the pianist realizes their artistic goals”



“The medium through which the pianist realizes their artistic goals”


“The medium through which the pianist realizes their artistic goals”

The foundation of training any individual begins with a solid basis of technique. There is a modern misconception that technique consists of scales and arpeggios, instead of recognizing it as the basis for the musician's musical vocabulary through which they must communicate their ideas. Our technical curriculum begins from the first discussions of the instrument and the first note the student plays. Instruction based in the physics and mechanics of the instrument, as well as the governing laws of motion, biomechanics and physiology of the human body, lay the base of every note that we teach so that expression becomes natural and easy for the student, enabling them to explore the creative and artistic processes more fully. The production of concert hall filling tone is emphasized from the first notes the student plays. Though we aim to give our students every advantage as they develop and compliment their academic studies and other professional pursuits outside of the piano, we also aim to give them the tools, contacts and ability as pianists that will keep doors open at the world's leading music institutions if they choose a career in the performing arts. 


Master Class

Master Class

Master Class

Master Class

Master Class

One of the teaching tools we utilize is our monthly Master Class series, offered both at our teaching studios and also at the Ottawa Steinway Gallery. This teaching forum allows students the opportunity to perform for their peers and receive instruction in their performance space. This forum is used to create fluency, comfort, and flexibility while performing, and offers the students the chance to learn from each other on a regular basis and also strive towards excellence in their studies. As there are many different levels of performers and ages, we have divided the classes into beginner and advanced formats. The beginner class works on developing the understanding of performance practices and presentation skills as well as striving to make performing second nature for the student. This class is highly recommended for all students after completion of their first year of study. The advanced class deals with more advanced repertoire and will address more complicated issues pertaining to the works they are studying. Students in the beginner class will perform on a Steinway O piano. The advanced class is mandatory for all students doing any sort of public performance, or that are preparing for competitions or auditions.

Master Class 2017/2018 Schedule Sponsored by the Ottawa Steinway Gallery

·       Friday  September 29 2017 6:00-7:30

·        Friday November 3 2017 6:00-7:30

·        Friday November 24 2017 6:00-7:30

·        Friday December 8 2017 6:00-7:30

·        Friday January 19 2018 6:00-7:30

·        Friday February 16 2018 6:00-7:30

·         Friday April 13 2018 6:00-7:30 (Concerto Class)

·         Friday May 11 2018 6:00-7:30

Junior Master Class 2017/2018 Schedule at Ryan Phelps Institute Studio

         Friday October 20 2017 6:00-7:30

         Friday November 17 2017 6:00-7:30

         Friday December 15 2017 6:00-7:30

         Friday February 9 2018 6:00-7:30

         Friday March 23  2018 6:00-7:30

         Friday April 6  2018 6:00-7:30






Performing Opportunities


Performing Opportunities


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Performing Opportunities for Students

Though each student will spend a significant number of hours in the practice room and performing in our master classes, opportunities to let the students stretch their fingers and put to the test what they have been learning are an extremely important part of the education process. These opportunities not only hone their professionalism in their presentation skills, but it also provides memorable fun and exhilarating experiences that will stand out in their memories as they grow. Each year, if they are ready, students have the opportunity to perform in local monthly recital series such as the Ottawa West Junior Music Club, Laurentian Junior Music Club, festivals and competitions such as the Kiwanis Music Festival, Canadian Music Competition and local concerto competitions, as well as opportunities to perform for other notable teachers in Ontario and Quebec that are regularly part of our network. Examinations for the Royal Conservatory of Music, Conservatory Canada, and Trinity College London UK. also provide a forum for assessment and feedback, should they fit into the learning needs of the student. 


About our Faculty

About our Faculty

About our Faculty


Ryan Phelps- Director

Pianist Ryan Phelps was born in Calgary, Alberta.  He completed his Honors Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from the University of Western Ontario studying under Tina Yanchus and James Hibbard.  He also holds an Associate in Piano Performance from Trinity College in London, U.K.  He has been pursuing studies with Ron Turini, a student of the late Vladimir Horowitz since 2004.  Mr. Phelps has also been the pupil of talented pianists such as Richard Raymond, Jean Paul Sevilla, Nelson Delle-Vigne Fabbri, Andrew Tunis and participated in Master Classes with Cecile Ouset and Stephane Lemelin.  Winner of many prizes and scholarships from competitions such as the Kiwanis Music Festival and Rotary Music Competition, Mr. Phelps has represented London, Ontario twice at the Provincial Piano Finals.  (2000, 2002)

A Pianist of great versatility, Mr. Phelps is known for his interpretations of Chopin, Liszt, Beethoven and Rachmaninoff and is equally in demand as a soloist and as a chamber musician. His work has been broadcast on CBC Radio, and he has completed tours of Ontario and Manitoba, performing nearly 60 concerts with the talented Soprano, Ms. Rachel Snow.  He also spent 2006 touring with Cellist Lydia Munchinsky, and 2008 with violinist Kathlyn Stevens. 

In 2010 and 2011 Mr. Phelps toured a concert of musical celebrations for the lives of pianist/composers Frederic Chopin and Franz Liszt.   

As a teacher, Mr. Phelps has combined his lifetime of learning as a high level athlete in Track and Field, Football, and Cycling and combined that with his education and experience as a pianist. His understanding of biomechanics, and the physiology of the body is behind the crafting of every note that he teaches and yields an ease and freedom of expression in the virtuoso piano repertoire. This approach has consistently resulted in excellence for his students who have been celebrated at the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival Rising Stars Gala, Ottawa Kiwanis Highlights concert, and have been prize-winners at the Canadian Music Competition National Finals and  Kiwanis Music Festival Provincial Finals. Ryan’s students have received numerous scholarships, and have gone on to study music at many leading music programs such as the Cleveland Institute of Music, University of Toronto Faculty of Music, Western Faculty of Music, Wilfred Laurier Faculty of Music, and University of Ottawa Faculty of Music.

Repertoire- Solo


 Well Tempered Clavier C minor Book I no 1

Well Tempered Clavier D minor Bk II no 5

Well Tempered Clavier G major Bk I no 15

Well Tempered Clavier Eb Major Bk II no 7

Prelude bwv 932


Sonata No.2 A major Opus 2 No. 2

SonataNo. 8C minor Pathetique Opus 13

Sonata No. 9 E major Opus 14 No. 1

Sonata No. 14 C # minor “quasi una fantasia” Opus 27 no. 2

Sonata No. 17 D minor Opus 31. No 2

Sonata No. 19 G minor Opus 49. No. 1

Sonata No. 20 G major Opus 49 No. 2

Sonata No. 21 C major Opus 53

Sonata No. 23 F minor Opus 57

Sonata No 26 Eb Major Opus 81a

 32 Variations C minor WoO 80.



Prelude A minor, Op. 28 No.2

Prelude E minor, Op. 28 No. 4

Prelude B minor Op. 28 No.6

Prelude A major Op. 28 No.7

Prelude E major Op. 28 No.9

Prelude F# major Op. 28 No.13

Prelude Db major Op. 28 No.15

Prelude F minor Op. 28 No.18

Prelude C minor Op. 28 No. 20

Prelude Bb major Op. 28 No.21

Prelude C# minor Op. 45


Etude A minor Op. 10 No. 2

Etude C# minor Op. 10 No. 4

Etude F minor Op. 10 No. 9

Etude C minor Op. 10 No. 12

Etude Ab major Op. 25 No. 1

Etude E minor Op. 25 No. 5

Etude G# minor Op. 25 No. 6

Etude C# minor Op. 25 no.7

Etude B minor Op. 25 No. 10

Etude A minor Op. 25 No. 11

Etude C minor Op. 25 No. 12


Ballad No. 1 G minor Op. 23

Ballad No. 2 F major Op. 38

Ballad No. 4 F minor Op. 52


No. 1 B minor Op. 20


Polonaise C# minor Opus 26. No.1


Waltz Db major Opus 64. No. 1


 Nocturne Eb major Op. 9 No. 2

Nocturne F major Opus 15. No. 1

Nocturne G minor Opus 15. No. 3

Nocturne G minor Op. 37 No. 1

Nocturne C minor Op. 48 No. 1

Nocturne F# minor Op. 48 No. 2

Nocturne F minor Op. 55 No. 1

Nocturne Eb major Op. 55 No. 2

Nocturne E minor Op. 72 No.1


Impromptu F# major Op. 36


Klaiverstucke Opus 118.

Intermezzi Ops 78


Sonata No. 1

Danzas Argentinas


Songs without words Duetto opus 38. No. 6

Variation Serieuses Op. 54.


Scenes from Child Hood Op. 15

Fantasie Tanz


Moment Musicaux

Moment Musicaux B minor Opus 16. No 3

Moment MusicauxE minor Opus 16. No 4.

Moment Musicaux Db major Opus 16. No. 5

Moment Musicaux C major Opus 16 No6


Prelude C# minor Opus 3 No. 2

Prelude F# minor Opus 23 No. 1

Prelude Bb Major Opus 23 No. 2

Prelude D major Opus 23 No. 4

Prelude Eb major Opus 23 No. 6

Prelude Gb major Opus 23 No. 10

Prelude G major Opus 32 No. 5

Prelude B minor Opus 32 No. 10

Prelude G# minor Opus 32 No. 12



Etude C minor Opus 33 No. 3

Etude G minor Opus 33 No. 7

Etude A minor Opus 39 No. 2

Etude F# minor Opus 39 No. 3

Etude Eb minor Opus 39 No. 5

Etude D major Opus 39 No. 9

Morceaux de fantasie Op. 3 No. 1 Elegie



Prelude C major Op. 11 No. 1

Prelude A minor Op. 11 No. 2

Prelude E minor Op. 11. No. 4

Prelude E major Op. 11 No. 9

Prelude C# minor Op. 11 No. 10

Prelude G# minor Op. 11 No. 12

Prelude Gb major Op. 11 No. 13

Prelude Eb minor Op. 11 No. 14

Prelude G minor Op. 11 No. 22


Etude C# minor Opus 2 No. 1

Etude D# minor Opus 8 No. 12


Etude de Concert no. 3 Db major Un Sospiro S.144

Sonata B minor S.178

Six Consolations s. 172

Ballade no 2 B minor S.171


Brahms Piano Concerto 1 D minor

Rachmaninoff Concerto 2 C minor

Chamber Music







Gabriel Tam-Poudrier

Pianist Gabriel Tam-Poudrier holds an Honours Bachelor of Music in Theory and Composition from the University of Western Ontario. He has studied composition with notable professors such as Dr. Peter Paul Koprowski and Dr. Omar Daniel. He has composed many works for chamber groups and soloists.

Having transferred from a performance degree, Gabriel is an active performer, playing in solo recitals, guest masterclasses and accompanying many of his colleagues. He has received piano training under the tutelage of Ryan Phelps and his current teacher at Western, Tina Yanchus. His piano training includes lessons with a large number of notable pianists including, Ian Parker, Michel Fournier, Peter Longworth, Ron Turini, and some others. As a performer, Gabriel has participated in countless music festivals often placing top in his category. On two occasions he has participated at the provincial level, receiving honourable mentions. He has been invited many times to perform for showcases or to open for public concerts. In the past he has been an active member of ensembles such as wind band, choir, or performing his own work in ensembles. 

Throughout all of his schooling Gabriel has received many awards of academic excellence and consistently placed on the dean’s honour list. He is bilingual and has completed a minor in French studies. His schooling at Western University also encompasses an extended training in music theory.



Full Service Education

Full Service Education

Full Service Education

Full Service Education

We bring the education to you

We understand that being parents in the 21st century is a very busy undertaking. Young people today are busier than they have ever been and now with advances in technology a parents traditional work day has no end to it. This makes transportation to and from extra-curricular more complicated than ever. Upon request we offer lesson at your residence so that the education in music that you are seeking can happen in the comfort of your own home. This simplifies the process for the parent as it saves time and driving, but also more quickly transitions the student who is participating back into their other academic pursuits.

Creating the ideal learning environment

A high quality responsive instrument is of paramount importance when studying music. It plays a very large development in the physical development of the student and also in their artistic development as the tone and colour they create on the instrument will become the governing factor in their creative process. We understand that most parents do not have an extensive education as pianists and that purchasing the correct instrument can be a daunting process. We offer our expertise in this department, and work with families to find the correct instrument to meet their needs and budget. Through a close partnership with Steinway & Sons at the Ottawa Steinway Gallery, we are able to offer our clients preferred pricing not available to the public. This arrangement makes the entirety of the Steinway Family: Essex, Boston and Steinway & Son’s Piano’s accessible to students that require world class instruments to develop their creativity.

“A students education as a pianist begins with listening to the colour and tone of their first note"

Subject Areas taught

We cover the following areas of study and offer instruction in both English and French

  • Piano
  • Theory
  • Composition
  • History
  • Master Classes and Performance Practices
  • Competition and Audition preparation




"Ryan is an excellent teacher and musical mentor to my 13 year old son Sebastian. Ryan provides a balance of deep and serious technical skill, musical knowledge, gentle discipline and the right dose of humor.  Ryan's approach is effective and commands respect from both student and parent. Certainly in the past year my son's technical proficiency, insight and motivation have grown stronger under Ryan's steady guidance, building important pillars and a platform for future success in music as he enters his young teen years, a worthwhile investment on every score."  - Robert Minnes


"Our 13 year old son and 10 year old daughter have been studying with Ryan for almost 5 years.  Over this period of time, we have observed how his teaching style has adapted to suit their age, their individual personalities and their different musical goals.  Ryan is a dedicated and experienced teacher with a deep understanding of the physical techniques required for young pianists to achieve their personal best.  Ryan's own personal competition and concert performance experiences enriches the musical education our children are receiving.  Through him, they learn not only music, but also about the mechanics of the piano itself and overcoming the challenges of bringing together a successful performance.    He is an inspirational teacher and we are thrilled to have such a positive influence in our childrens' lives!" - D'Souza Family







Year end 2017

It has again been a very successful year for all of the students at the Phelps Institute where students have made great strides in the performances at masterclasses this year, as well as at the Kiwanis Music Festival. I am very proud of how all of the students who participated, (Sam, Perry, Ryan, Kaitlyn, Jillian, and Laura) have grown in their poise, and presentation skills, and developing of confidence in their craft. Of note this year Laura D'Souza received the Kathleen Lett McLain Memorial Scholarship, and received the Trophy for Best Musicianship at the Trophy class where she was the youngest performer by a large margin! She has demonstrated steady progress from her last years performance at the Kiwanis Highlights Concert where she received the Glen Gould Memorial Scholarship and has matured both technically and musically. She is currently practicing hard as she has been given the honour of performing this year at the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival Rising Stars Concert on July 22nd. She was selected to be part of this great event by my chamber music coaches from my time at the Kincardine Chamber Music Festival, Jamie Parker and Annelie Patipatanakoon of Canada's Gryphon Trio. 

Now that the dust has settled from the whirl wind of preparations, everyone is getting ready to use part of the summer months to get the fingers working through new notes for next year. It seems that Piano Concertos are going to be filling peoples homes and masterclasses in 2017/2018. Perry is studying Saint Saens Piano Concerto No. 2. in G minor, Laura is working on Mozart Piano Concerto No.19, K.459 in F major and Sebastian is currently preparing Mendelssohn Piano Concerto No. 1 in G minor. My current role as resident orchestra at the Phelps Institute is going to be a busy and exciting one this year.



Laura's first appearance on the stage of the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival was a great success! She played with grace and superb artistry, and was received with great enthusiasm from the audience. Her performance is posted on our Facebook site to enjoy. Bravo!


New Addition to the Family!

As of October 12, 2017 The Ryan Phelps Institute is very excited to welcome home its new member! It's an O!


Our new arrival is home safe and sound!



Our first Junior Masterclass of the year kicked off on Friday October 20th! Gabriel and the students had a blast. It will be great to see how all the young performers develop during their first year honing their skills.