our teaching year


In order to ensure the level of physical training required for the study of piano, and that the various deadlines for festivals and recitals are met, we have divided our year into 3 terms. This structure provides flexibility to students and families, but does not interrupt the learning curve of the student. 

Term I is from September to the end of December, Term II is January to the end of June and Term III is for July and August.

Terms I and II are structured with scheduled time off at Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. Term III, as it happens during the students' summer holidays from school, has much more flexibility to it, and is scheduled taking into account family travel plans and summer work and activity schedules.

Tuition payment options

Tuition Fees for the 2019/2020 calendar year can be paid either in a lump for Terms I and II due by August 15th for returning students or September 8th, 2019 or by Term due August 15 2019 or September 7, 2019(Term I) and January 4, 2020(Term II) respectively by Cheque or E-Transfer, or Monthly, on the first day of each month, by E-Transfer.

A discount of 5% applies for students paying for the Terms I and II together, a discount of 2.5% applies for Students paying by the Term individually.



tuition fees and policies

Ryan Phelps

Gatineau/Ottawa Tuition Fees: are $80 per hour at his studio location in Gatineau. For those requesting lessons in their homes, a rate of $80 per hour and $40.00 per half hour, plus a $10.00 travel fee applies.

Gabriel Tam-Poudrier

Teaching rates are $60.00 per hour at his studio location.  For those requesting lessons in their homes, a rate of $60.00 dollars per hour applies and $30.00 per half hour, with an additional $10.00 fee for travel.

Late Payment Policy

Payment is due the first of each month, a late payment penalty of $10.00 per day will begin to be accrued to outstanding accounts beginning 5 days after payment was due.

Master Class Fees

There are 9 master classes, 4 in Term 1 and 5 in Term 2  that take place between September and June. The fee for the Advanced Master Class, taught by Ryan Phelps, is $225.00 for the year per student and is payable at the end of the first week of September each year. The Schedule for the Masterclass series for 2019/2020 is found in the Masterclass Section of the website. The fee for the series of 6 Beginner Master Class taught by Gabriel Tam-Poudrier, is $100.00 per student for the Terms I and II. 

Policy for Cancelled Lessons

If a lesson is canceled by one of our teachers, that lesson time will be made up during the month of cancellation. If for some reason a student must cancel a lesson, the student should seek to arrange a time during the month of cancelation at the teacher's studio for the lesson. If there is not a time during that month where the student's teacher is available, the lesson will be lost. At least 48 hours notice should be given should a student not be able to attend their lesson or the lesson will be lost. No lessons will be forwarded.